Saturday, August 17, 2013

Secure Life

My experience with Secure Life Multilevel Networking Company.

I was impressed with the plan of this company. Thought of trying this business. Doesn't look very difficult to follow and understand. Its a Team work where every person works for their team.

To join this company we have to buy one time any product from the list of products available with this company. The products are mainly in the area of : Male and Female Clothing , Reliance Life insurance, CNBC Awaaz , Reebok etc..

We have to make people to join this company under our tree. When we make two people to join with our reference, we become eligible to receive the commission from this company.

If every person makes two reference under them, becomes eligible to receive the commission. For every sale of Full product we get Rs. 500 as commission and Rs. 250 for half sale commission.

It works in 1:1 ratio. The tree should grow in Left and Right, when we make an pair in our Left and Right side we receive an income. The payout happens weekly. We don't have to wait for an month to receive our income. 

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